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The new world order

I'm back after 18 months or so in a new world. I was taken down from Medium so this and my website philip.braham.net are my outlets now.

We must cut through nonsense explanations that serve only to confuse.

Understanding your partner helps you understand yourself and enables you to understand reality.

Scientific theories have given us a key to understanding the relationship between mind and the physical universe.

On Atheism

I talk about many of the arguments that Atheists use.

Intellectual thinking ignores the emotions and other deeper aspects of understanding. Because many people access emotions according to how people act, rather than what they feel, they are susceptible to being manipulated by politicians and others who use emotional words for their own ends.

How sceptical thinking confines the intellect and enables people to absolves themselves from responsibility.

We are creating a society where people are taught to become vulnerable instead of robust.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Why choosing your words helps prevent polarising of viewpoints

On meditation and how you can expand your consciousness and what that means

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