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I go further into the relationship between the two universes in terms of mind/body and also discuss statistics and how it relates to not-understanding.

We can deal with both time and money in a sequential, left-brained way or in a wholistic right-brained way.

How consciousness can be seines an attribute of the fifth dimension and gravity and entropy can be explained in terms on muliple dimensions.

How the two universes - the physical plane and the mystical plane - relate to wave particle duality andĀ Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

How we make assumptions.

How science works on the physical plane but on the mystical plane we use metaphor and simile.

Parallel Worlds

More on the relationship between this world and the alternative. mystical world.

There are two parallel universes that co-exist. The physical realm and the other.

Using intuition

Train your mind to use your intuition. Here I explain how this works.

On left and right brain functioning and how this affects our thinking.

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